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Visiting China

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This is the first time I visited China. Like most of my students, I was excited and looking forward to seeing a fast-growoing country in all aspects. Besides, visiting their high shools and see what we can learn from them from a teacher’s viewpoint also arouse my interest. This was a rewarding trip, which left a lot of sweet memories for me and my students to reminisce about!


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Dear all:

I believe you all agree that it was a great experience to visit these two prestigious universities-Tsing Hua and Chiao Tung. Both of the universities provide their students with a great learning environment, excellent facilities, and learned professors. No wonder they always rank high among the universities in Taiwan. Are you inspired after this trip? Do you dream to be a student in either of the universities? If so, work harder. I believe it is something achievable as long as you give it your best shot!







I started to take yoga class six years ago. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I took my yoga gear and went to the class. My yoga teacher, Ms Hsu, is an elegant and sincere lady. She doesn’t teach “yoga”; instead, she makes friends and helps them stay fit and healthy. At least, that was what I felt about the class. Besides, I made a few friends from my yoga class. There was a time when going to my yoga class became my greatest enjoyment in life. However, things changed. The initial excitement faded away as time went by. Little by little, my work, my mood and sometimes the weather could hinder me from going to the class. Last year, I decided to quit my yoga class. No matter how great taking yoga is, skipping class minimizes the benefit. I will resume my class when no more excuses can be make to prevent me from attending the class regularly.

School Anniversary

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Dear all:

Did you all have a good time on our school anniversary? Small as Lishan is, school works hard every year to make this event memorable. Race, festival and singing contest feature this great day. To mark this day, please upload the pictures taken on this occasion. As you look back a few years later, these pictures surely can remind you of this special day.



The Unbeatable

Kacey McCallister, 2004 XO Invite 100 & 1500 Wheelchair Champion
and 1500 State Record Holder (http://www.teamxo.com/xoinvit/xo_invite__pr_4_14_06.html)

Dear students:

While doing my lesson plans, I came across some websites that offer related information or pictures to our lesson. These websites help us get a deeper understanding of the life of Kacey McCallister, Sharon Hedrick, and Diana Golden. Besides, the pictures taken during the Paralympic Games are impressive and inspiring. They show us the true spirit of the Paralympic Games. Last but not least, the lightening of the cauldron during the opening ceremony moves me to tears, too. Take a look at these websites yourself and write down your thoughts.